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House Rules:

Fab Checks:

At the beginning of each session, all players roll percentile dice. This roll means nothing other than what kind of day your character is having. A roll of 20 or lower results in a -2 to all rolls for the session. A 21-39 will result in a -1 to all rolls for the day. A 40-60 will give no pluses or minuses. A 61-89 will result in a +1 to all rolls for the day. A roll of 90-99 will result in a +2 to all rolls for the day. And a roll of 100 will result in a +3 to all rolls made that day.

Channeling Checks:

To all spellcasters- when you plan to cast a spell, roll a 20 sided die for a channeling check. This roll represents your character being able to complete the spell without distraction or error in utterance of command words or use of components. To do said check, roll a 20 sided die and add your Spellcraft Skill check bonuses to that roll. The DC for this roll is 10+spell level.

Hero Points:

Each character begins play with a number of Hero Points equal to their level, and they do not regenerate, although you will gain 1 additional point per level as you level up. You may only use 1 per session, and they give the following bonuses. (1.) +8 to one roll if used before it is rolled, or +4 if used after it is rolled, (2.) You may reroll your last dice roll for attack rolls, saving throws, or skill checks (not damage rolls).

Critical Hits:

When making an attack roll to hit an enemy, a natural non modified 20 is a critical hit and will deal double damage. This roll also applies to spells and Channeling Checks.

Reputation Scores:

When you enter a city, town, or any other civilized humanoid society, you immediately gain a “Reputation” score of 10 which will equate to being neutral with the people of that society. Your actions inside the city, and outside for the city, will effect this score, adding to it if they deem your behavior suitable, or down if they deem it insulting. A number of additional Reputation points determined by me for each of your actions will be either added or subtracted depending on the action. A score of 15 or higher is friendly, and the society will offer perks to your characters. A score of 5 or lower is unfriendly, and the society will no longer offer standard perks to your characters. If your score reaches 3, your characters will no longer be welcome within the borders of that society.

Main Page

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